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A hardware store can be a professional builder’s personal playground. We know that filling your toolbox and stocking your job site is a crucial part of the general contractor gig. At Liberty Panel Center, we have over 100,000 products and multiple decades of experience to cater to all of your building needs.

If you are due for a visit, stop by our Brooklyn store.

You’ve probably got a checklist handy, but in case you need some inspiration, we have rounded up some of the many essentials we carry that should be in every general contractor’s tool box. From hand and power tools to materials and PPE, we are your one stop shop so that you are stocked up and ready for any job. Even in a pinch, we offer delivery directly to your site in the New York City area!

Hand tools

  1. Hammers, pry bars and striking tools
  2. Wrenches, pliers and wire cutters
  3. Screwdrivers, allen keys, and socket sets
  4. Measuring tapes, levels, and chalk boxes
  5. Utility knives, pry bars, hand saws


Power tools

  1. Corded and cordless
  2. Sanders, drills, circular saws, recip saws
  3. Shop vacs, filters, and bags
  4. Multi Tools and blades
  5. Accessories – batteries, chargers, saw blades and drill bits


  1. Materials
  1. Lumber
  2. Cement
  3. Paint
  4. Plywood
  5. Drywall


Job Site Safety

  1. Hard hats
  2. Glasses, goggles, ear plugs,
  3. Gloves
  4. N95 masks, Respirators, and dust masks
  5. knee pads, back support belts
  6. tool boxes and work belts
  7. Tyvek body suits and foot coverings
  8. Lanyards and body harnesses


Drop by for a shopping trip or give us a ring to schedule a delivery! We will have you ready to take on any construction job – big, small and anywhere in between. NYC builders, we have got what every contractor needs to succeed.


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